D`n L Travel


Terms & Conditions

D 'n L Travel (Pty) Ltd provides a visa and passport acquisition service to its customers under the following terms & conditions.

1). Definitions

"Relevant Authority" shall mean an embassy or consulate of a foreign country or any other authority to which application may be made.

"Travel Document" shall mean any passport, visa or document issued by a relevant authority.

2). Scope Of Service

A completed visa or passport application delivered to, or collected from D 'n L Travel will, where possible be scanned for completeness by our staff before being submitted to the relevant authority for consideration. Failure to find errors or omissions on application shall not be construed as a breach of service.

D 'n L Travel will return the travel documents to the customer, should the customer not have the necessary credit facilities or be in arrears with payment, then D 'n L Travel has the right to hold such travel documents until such time that the customer has settled its account to D 'n L Travel's satisfaction.

D 'n L Travel will provide to the customer, information regarding costs, requirement and application forms relating to the acquisition and travel documents. This information will be provided to the best of D 'n L Travel's ability and knowledge at the time. D 'n L Travel will not be responsible should the information provided be in any way inaccurate or outdated.

D 'n L Travel shall charge such service fees as it deems necessary or that have been agreed upon for its services and such fees are due and payable once D 'n L Travel has received the application on behalf of the customer.

3). Liability

D 'n L Travel will however not be liable for the actions of third parties which result in loss or damage to the customer, in particular courier companies used in the process of obtaining travel documents.

D 'n L Travel accepts no liability whatsoever for the criminal actions of third parties.